Working with us

Invest in Yourself

‘Invest in Yourself’ is our approach to employee health and wellbeing. This ethos allows staff to understand our commitment to wellbeing and to explore self-care through accessing support information via a bespoke microsite, staff app and other wellbeing interventions.

We focus on three significant wellbeing factors – physical, emotional and psychological. We endeavour to improve support mechanisms and opportunities for personal care. Some examples of these are:

  • Occupational health counselling
  • Support networks (TRiM, Peer Support, Blue Light Champions)
  • Access to physiotherapy
  • Activity and fitness challenges
  • Wellbeing podcasts
  • Implementation of local health and wellbeing plans within service lines
  • Pop up workshops

Be Think Do

‘Be Think Do’ is our leadership philosophy which underpins our leadership and development offer. We encourage all staff to embrace the Be Think Do principles, an ethos which encourages us all to consider not only what we do, but how we do things. Placed at the heart of this model is the commitment to understanding your purpose and being a healthy role model – for yourself and your colleagues.

Be Think Do sets out a number of behavioural indicators which show our leadership values and culture embedded within each and every touchpoint of our leadership lifecycle – from recruitment through to talent management.

Staff benefits 


Everyone who works for the NHS is guaranteed a salary that matches their ability and responsibilities with the opportunity to increase it through training and development.

Agenda for Change is the national pay system for all directly employed staff except doctors and very senior managers. The Agenda for Change salary scale depends on the role, its responsibilities and the skills and experience needed. More information on Agenda for Change and its pay scales can be found on the NHS Employers website.


The NHS Pension Scheme is one of the most generous and comprehensive in the UK. Every new employee automatically becomes a member and you will get an excellent package of pension benefits.

Find out everything you need to know about NHS pensions here

Flu protection

The flu vaccine is offered to NHS staff every year to reduce the risk of healthcare workers contracting the flu virus and passing it on to their patients or friends and family. It’s the best way to minimise the risk of catching flu, especially over the winter period when there’s lots of bugs and illnesses around. The flu vaccine isn’t just for frontline staff either, those who don’t come into contact with patients are eligible too.

Salary sacrifice schemes

We offer a number of salary sacrifices which can make everyday purchases and services that little bit cheaper. Salary sacrifice schemes work by taking a monthly amount from your gross salary so that it is exempt from tax and national insurance deductions – giving you a financial saving. Some of the schemes we currently offer include childcare vouchers, cycle to work scheme and a lease car scheme.

Career break opportunities

A career break offers the opportunity to take an extended period away from work which exceeds that offered by normal leave arrangements or other options such as parental leave. The career break scheme is discretionary and will depend on the circumstances around the career break request.

Study leave for sponsored courses

We actively encourage learning and development throughout your career and try our best to help wherever we can. That’s why study leave will be facilitated for anyone who is required to sit an examination as part of a study course supported by us.


Not only will you benefit from lots of well-known NHS discounts, we’re very lucky to have so many local organisations and franchises offering discounts specifically for our staff and their families. Discounts include gym memberships, days out, eating out and loads more.